Google Chrome on gOS Gadgets

28 09 2008

The Linux port of Google’s exciting new web browser Chrome isn’t available yet.
However if you’re interested in testing it you may by running Chrome under Wine.
Follow these instruction explicitly or you won’t be able to get Chrome too work.

Wine 1.1.4 has been released, and includes fixes for Chrome.
You will need to download and install this latest version of Wine to get Chrome to work efficiently, just click the link below, download the .deb and install it.

Then you are going to of course want to obtain the Google Chrome Windows based installer. Google’s Chrome website will detect your system as Linux not allowing you too download the Windows exe.

But we got you covered just click the link below.
Download the Google Chrome Windows Installer

After downloading, right click it and select to open and install the exe with “Wine Windows Program Loader”

The installation goes by very quick and painless by the way.

Next Start Google Chrome and it should open but will appear broken, so just go ahead and close Chrome for now.

You will need to see the script winetricks to automate downloading and setting up some required fonts for Chrome. Use the following commands to download Winetricks, make the script executable, and run it along with the font installation script.

The three commands should be run separately from your terminal window.

chmod +x winetricks
./winetricks allfonts

Now you are going to want to change the open command for Chrome.

Hit <Alt>F2 and type “alacarte” without the quotations.

Scroll to the Wine menu sub category with Chrome in it, right click, select Properties, and change the Chrome open command to the following.
BE SURE to change USER to your USERNAME.

env WINEPREFIX="/home/USER/.wine" wine "C:\windows\profiles\USER\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --new-http --in-process-plugins

Then close Alacarte Menu Editor and select Chrome from your Applications Menu.
Menu -> Wine -> Program -> Google Chrome

Chrome will run decently in WINE. Problems that will occur are HTTPS addresses cause errors and many people report problems with both Java and Flash. Additional issues include the status bar sometimes appearing above other windows and the lack of font anti-aliasing for smaller text.

But hey remember Chrome is still very much Beta and this is a very hackish method for testing it on your gOS Linux system. The Linux Chrome .deb port is under heavy development and should appear shortly. When it does you will definetly be notified of it at this blog. You can additionally visit the Google Chrome Linux Developers Site to stay informed.

This post is based on the instructions from other Linux help and tutorial sites.

More information about Chrome on Linux is available at the Wine AppDB.

Have Fun! Don’t judge Chrome too quickly, it has a very promising future as the next generation web browser.




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