gOS3 SP1/Cloud OS/New Forums

4 01 2009

The gOS Developers have released gOS3 SP1 that contains basic bug fixes, package updates, and several configuration enhancements. Check out the download here. It is not needed to upgrade from gOS3 to gOS3 SP1 unless you are experiencing problems with your system, the majority of the changes between the service pack and original release have been pushed to users via the gOS Supported Repositories.

gOS has also opened up a new phpBB forum for its community. The Google Group will still be open but community members and gOS users are encouraged to take advantage of the new forums. They’ll proove much more adequete for user support.

The gOS Team is also working very hard to bring users the Cloud OS, stay tuned to the Official gOS Blog for more information in regard to Cloud. If you haven’t heard about the exciting new Cloud OS read about it at ThinkGOS.com.

In regard to the lack of posts on this blog it will be updated more often this year. I do work full time for gOS but manage this community blog in my off time as a service to gOS Users and community. During the later part of last year I was dealing with personal issues which resulted in this blog not recieving the attanetion that it required.

Thats it for now.
~ Kevin




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