About gOS

About gOS Linux

gOS is an innovative Linux distribution with the goal of creating a “Linux for the Rest of Us”

The third primary version of the gOS system, gOS Gadgets comes loaded with Google Software (Gadgets, Picasa, Desktop, etc), many Web Apps, and dozens of the best Open Source applications available. Such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, MPlayer, and even Wine, which makes it capable of loading many of your favorite Windows programs and games.

For further information on gOS please visit the Official Site or Wikipedia.

If you need help with gOS, technical support, have a development request, or just want to become involved in our growing open-source community then please visit our very friendly User Forums. Our moderators are happy to help you and we are very open to opinions and criticism as long as its constructive.

About the gOS Community Portal

The gOS Community Portal and Blog aims to provide tutorials, project/development news and other information relevant to gOS users. It is managed by myself Kevin L. Thompson along with community moderators.

I personally assist gOS as their Community Leader, Beta Tester, Principal Software Packager, and am responsible for development on the Netbook Editions and other gOS related projects. Basically I work constantly doing whatever I can to push gOS into the mainstream.

If your interested in simplifying how you get software through a user-friendly web based method then you may wish to visit my personal linux project, TuxSoftware.com (still very much in beta).


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